Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature (often abbreviated to Comp Lit) is a field that is often held in distinction to English literature programs here in the United States, although some universities have conflated the two fields into a solitary department.  Comparative Literature focuses on the study of multiple literatures and is most often organized along national lines with a strong focus on reading works in their original language.  These comparative groupings are not restricted to national literatures, though, and many programs encourage comparative approaches between fields as well, for example pairing literature with religion or film.

Although Comp Literature’s popularity is beginning to wane in the United States, and Comp Lit departments are being absorbed into English departments, there are still strong, nationally recognized programs.  Each takes a very different approach to defining and outlining study in Comparative Literature, though, and requirements can vary greatly from school to school.  Because of this, you need to write a Comparative Literature Statement of Purpose that sells you as the perfect candidate for their particular program.  Make sure you do your homework so you understand each department’s unique approach and can incorporate that into your Statement.

Comparative Literature Statement of Purpose Examples:

1. Reading on the Road

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