Hacking Your Statement of Purpose


Hacking Your Statement of Purpose was compiled as a concise and easy resource to help you craft an excellent SOP. It’s designed to take you step-by-step from brainstorming to editing to submission, and perhaps most importantly, it is not loaded down with unnecessary information regarding your GPA and extra-curricular activities. If you’re applying to graduate school, those long-born aspects of your application are water under the bridge. It’s time to focus on the make-or-break aspect of your application – your Statement of Purpose.

What is included in this guide:
– Step-by-step instructions from brainstorming to submission
– 5 brainstorming activities to help jump-start your writing
– Help with overcoming writing anxiety
– Specific advice for overcoming obstacles such as a low GPA or a change in field
– Templates for writing emails to PIs and professors
– Drafts and revisions of a successful sample essay to help you understand the editing process
– Descriptions of microrevisions and macrorevisions
– Suggestions for getting helpful feedback from proofreaders
– An 8 part checklist to make sure your Statement includes all the necessary pieces