Professions and Applied Sciences

The Professions and Applied Sciences category includes Statements of Purpose for programs in Architecture, Business, Divinity, Education, Healthcare, Medicine, Law, Library Sciences, Museum Studies, Public Administration, and Social Work, to name a few.  Because this list is so diverse, please see individual pages for more specific descriptions.

The following are the essays that we currently have in the Professions and Applied Sciences categories.  If you have an essay you would like to contribute in this category please do so on our Contribute Content page.

Professions and Applied Sciences Statement of Purpose Examples:

1. Anything but an Attorney (Law)

2. I am Ready (Physician Assistant)

3. Problem-Based Learning (Physician Assistant)

4. Crisis Indonesia (Public Health)

5. Feeding the Whole Self (Nutrition and Dietetics)

6. Sustainability and Evolution (Nutrition and Dietetics)


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