I Write.

I write.  I do not claim to be a writer, I do not claim to be a poet, but I write and read poetry.  This will not change.  If I write or not does not depend on my being in class.  My reading of poetry is not limited to that which is prescribed by others.  I am, however, certain that spending three years in a writing program would improve my writing.

I wish to hone my craft in the writing program. Becoming a craftsmen is a process, and to undertake this process with the focus available in the [redacted] writing program would be a great opportunity.  Devoting so much time to the study and craft of writing would be hard work at work worth doing.

Poetry is one of the ways that I can most directly approach truth. Poetry is language set to a pitch and purpose more in tune with eternity.  I can find solace, inspiration, and encouragement in the shared solitude of poetry.  Having experienced this in the reading of poetry, I cannot help but attempt to shape my own experience into poetry as both a way of communicating existence and understanding it myself.

[Redacted] is the only school to which I am applying for the MFA program.  One of the mentors most integral to my writing, [redacted], was an alumnus and my introduction to the program.  After further investigation I found many of my favorite authors among the alumi: [redacted, redacted, redacted].  I believe that [redacted] University has a fortuitous mixture of an excellent reputation, a Mountain West location and culture, and opportunity to work with preeminent writers. I hope to be able to realize my ambitions in [redacted].


This application won acceptance and funding to a smaller program at a state school — even with the typo in the last paragraph.

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