Most people pursuing a degree in business pursue the MBA, masters of business administration.  This degree can be applied to a wide range of jobs, and often attracts an equally wide range of applicants.  Core courses within programs are often cover concepts such as accounting, operations management, human resources, etc.

There are also a wide range of MBA programs, and many are designed to suit non-traditional students.  Depending on the program tracks may be available for full-time, part-time, distance learning, and executive students.

We haven’t received any SOPs for MBA programs, yet.  Do you know someone attending an MBA program who would be willing to share their Statement?  Please send them our way!

In the mean time, check out our resource page for writing a Statement of Purpose tailored specifically to MBA programs, as well as other great resources and MBA Statement of Purpose example we’ve gathered from around the web:

1. Example MBA Statement of Purpose for an MBA in marketing found here.

2. A solid general MBA Statement of Purpose example found here.

3. Here are 5 essays that gained admission to the Harvard Business School.  Make sure you poke around, this site also has successful MBA Statement of Purpose essays submitted to Wharton, Stanford, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, and more.

4. BusinessBecause details how to organize your MBA Statement of Purpose here.

{Need more help? Check out our ebook Hacking Your Statement of Purpose for a concise guide to writing and revising your Statement of Purpose.}