If you are considering applying to Law School, you have probably already heard about the hiring crisis in the field.  Most students struggle to find jobs, even if they do pass the bar.  With this in mind, it is essential that you craft a Law Statement of Purpose that convinces the admissions committee that you will not only excel in their program, but beyond it on the job market.

Law programs differ substantially when compared to other graduate programs.  Law schools are accredited by the American Bar Association and students must take the LSAT, rather than the GRE, as part of the application process.  The Statement of Purpose portion of the Law School application is not strikingly different than the standard Statement of Purpose, though.  Read on for Law Statement of Purpose examples, as well as other resources culled from the web.

Law Statement of Purpose Examples:

1. Anything but an Attorney


Other resources from around the web:

1. Top Law Schools has 31 examples of Law Statements of Purpose, along with commentary about what the author did well, and what could be improved.  They also have a forum of user contributed essays with info like GPA, LSAT score and where the applicant was accepted.


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