Medical schools often require a Personal Essay or Statement of Purpose as part of their application process.  Most medical schools give an enormous amount of weight to experience within the medical field, as they want to make sure applicants understand what they are getting themselves into.  Making sure that your medicine Statement of Purpose strikes a careful balance between a passion for the field and demonstrating that you are not some starry-eyed dilettante who has never worked with bodily fluids will go along way.  Demonstrating that you have experience with, and a firm grasp on, the daily routine of working in healthcare is essential.

Medicine Statement of Purpose essays submitted to healthcare and medical programs:

1. I Am Ready (Physician Assistant)

2. Problem-Based Learning (Physician Assistant)

3. Feeding the Whole Self (Nutrition and Dietetics)

4. Sustainability and Evolution (Nutrition and Dietetics)


A few more resources from around the web:

1. Advice from Johns Hopkins on the med school Statement of Purpose.  The sections on “Qualities to Portray” and “Themes to Avoid” are especially helpful.

2. 15 sample statements from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

3. The UNC School of Medicine provides 3 example essays, as well as an example CV.


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