Engineering Avalanches (Civil Engineering)

While at [redacted] State, my goal would be to become highly involved in avalanche science research. I have already spoken with [redacted] and [redacted], and I am very interested in their research areas. I have extensive background in gathering data in both field and laboratory environments, as well as analyzing experimental data. I am hoping to be able to put this experience to use at [redacted] State by participating in research. I find the way that different particles and layers of snow interact very interesting. I also believe that my engineering education and my strong background in math and physics would give me skills highly suited to working to achieve more research in the field of avalanche science.

I am also interested in pursuing a career in avalanche science. I am highly interested in snow sports, a field greatly affected by avalanche mechanics, and I’ve lived most of my life in Washington, an area where avalanches have a great deal of impact on our state.

In addition to my goal of becoming involved in avalanche science, I am excited to attend graduate school to enhance my overall level of education. I am highly enthusiastic about enhancing my education in math, science, and engineering. I believe that attending [redacted] State University to pursue a masters degree in Civil Engineering would be an excellent opportunity to advance in these goals.


This candidate was accepted to two Civil Engineering programs at R1 schools.  He had this to say about his statement: “it’s quite short and bad. Apparently essay quality is not a huge component of getting into engineering school.”

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