A Statement of Purpose for a Masters of Fine Arts program is perhaps the most difficult Statement of Purpose to write.  Like your writing sample, your Statement will be scrutinized.  But an MFA Statement of Purpose is also the type of Statement that allows for the most risk-taking.  Successful MFA Statement of Purpose essays often read like artist statements and are very creative.  Do not fall into the trap of only worrying about the creative aspects, though.  Your MFA Statement of Purpose still needs to demonstrate an element of thoughtfulness and groundedness that indicate an understanding of the endeavor being taken on.

Because the MFA is a terminal degree, you will especially want to include what you plan to do with your degree.  Do you plan to teach? Write? Every program has its own strengths.  Some programs are well know for their MFA in writing, while others for their MFA in installation art.  Be sure you know the strengths of the department to which you are applying, and include that information in your MFA Statement of Purpose.

MFA Statement of Purpose Examples:

1. I Write. (Poetry)


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